Lady Ceasar

Introducing “Lady K”: A Guiding Light at Destiny Church International

“Lady K” – a name that resonates with warmth and wisdom, is truly a treasured presence at Destiny Church International. A woman gifted to bless all who cross her path, she embodies passion for the Kingdom of God and radiates excellence in all she does.  

An Attorney by profession, “Lady K” stands out as a gifted communicator with an immense love for the people of God. Hailing from Portsmouth, Ohio, she embarked on a journey to Columbus, Ohio, where she pursued law school at The Ohio State University. It was here that destiny brought her into the life of Pastor Ceasar, and in August of 2014, their hearts united as one.

Driven by an unwavering passion, “Lady K” is dedicated to seeing individuals unearth their fullest potential and serve Christ with unreserved dedication. Her powerful ministry resonates particularly with women and professionals. Through times of prayer, worship, and impactful group sessions, she leads and nurtures spiritual growth at Destiny Church.

As a remarkable embodiment of Christ-like values in this era, “Lady K” attracts and mentors young women who are drawn to her authenticity and fervor. Her roles as a devoted wife, First Lady, and attorney are only a few facets of her tireless labor in helping God’s people journey towards their destined purpose.

“Lady K” is not only a source of inspiration but also a guiding light, leading the congregation of Destiny Church International toward deeper spiritual fulfillment and purposeful living.

Join us in celebrating “Lady K” – a beacon of grace, wisdom, and love at our church community. Her presence is an invaluable gift that continues to bless us all.

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