Pastor Teddy Ceasar

Meet Pastor Theodore “Teddy” Ceasar: A Dynamic Leader on the Cutting Edge

Pastor Theodore “Teddy” Ceasar is a gifted minister, educator, and coach who thrives on the cutting edge of spiritual and personal growth. Possessing wisdom beyond his years, he engages and enlightens audiences through his captivating presentations. Known for his sought-out ministry, Pastor Ceasar has been called to share his insights at various religious, educational, and empowerment events.

Pastor Teddy’s academic journey includes earning a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology from the University of Cincinnati and a Master of Divinity degree from Trinity Lutheran Seminary at Capital University, where he continues to pursue further education. His commitment to education extends into various roles within collegiate and secondary institutions. With a deep passion for nurturing the youth, Pastor Ceasar has dedicated numerous years to coaching High School football. Currently, he imparts knowledge as a High School Social Studies teacher. His dedication to community outreach led him to serve on the Board of Directors for CelebrateOne the City of Columbus’ initiative to combat infant mortality.

In 2012, Pastor Ceasar breathed new life into Destiny Church International in Columbus, Ohio, a direct continuation of the outreach ministry his late mother initiated in 2004. Beyond his professional pursuits, he embraces the role of a loving family man. In August 2014, he united in marriage with Attorney Kathleen Ceasar, and their joy expanded in June 2018 with the arrival of their daughter, Atarah Ceasar.

Pastor Ceasar is resolute in sharing and embodying the transformative principles found in the Holy Scriptures. His teachings emphasize holistic health, firmly believing that spiritual, physical, and emotional well-being collectively lead to human thriving.

Join Pastor Theodore “Teddy” Ceasar on a journey towards spiritual growth, knowledge, and holistic vitality. Through his teachings, you’ll discover a path to enriched living that draws from spiritual wisdom.

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