Pastor TeddyPastor Theodore Ceasar

Gifted to minister on the cutting edge, Pastor Theodore “Teddy” Ceasar is a sought out minister of the gospel who has been called upon to minister at various religious and empowerment events. Hailed the “Urban Intellectual,” Pastor Teddy holds a Bachelors of Arts degree in Psychology, a Master of Divinity degree and continues to further his education.


Pastor Ceasar is blessed with wisdom beyond his years. His engaging and didactic style enables him to minister effectively to people of various cultures, socio economic backgrounds, and generations. Pastor Ceasar is a native of Columbus, Ohio but his ministry is not limited to the city in which he resides. He has spoken at conferences, revivals, and seminars at schools, churches, and social organizations throughout this country. With a commitment to the Word, worship and prophecy the ministry of PastorTeddy Ceasar is marked by powerful manifestations of God’s Spirit, spontaneous worship and sagely wisdom that helps people navigate life victoriously.


In October of 2012, Pastor Ceasar launched the Destiny Church International, in Columbus, Ohio. The Destiny Church is a direct offshoot of an outreach ministry Pastor Sue Alexander Ceasar,his late mother, founded in 2004. The ministry is now focused on empowering people to live according to Kingdom principles. The Destiny Church is called to thrust people forward, help them fulfill their God given purpose and align themselves with God’s plan for their lives. With a belief in the Apostolic anointing the Destiny Church is designed to impact and influence its environment. Destiny Church International, “where the rivers of life flow,” will be a springboard to other mighty missions that Pastor Ceasar will carry out.


Pastor Teddy Preaching

Furthermore, Pastor Ceasar is blessed to be able to combine his calling to work with youth with his passion for sports through coaching high school football. In the process, he has coached several All-Star players and has notably taken several average players and turned them into champions.


Pastor Ceasar believes it is God’s desire that all people walk in a thorough understanding of God’s Word. To this end, his heartfelt goal is to teach Biblical truths in a way that is relevant to his listeners. His sincere prayer is for all of God’s people to grow in relationship with their Creator, Redeemer, and Sanctifier, while being liberated from living after the patterns of this world.



Destiny Church International
P.O. Box 91162 Columbus, Ohio 43209