There are five pillars that are the basis of our ministry approach. These pillars anointings that flow profusely at the Destiny Church International, we pray for them and God graces us to experience them continually.

We believe worshiping God is the primary reason we gather. Our worship is passionate and engaging as we enjoy spiritual encounters with the God of our salvation.

We believe that the Word of God gives us wisdom for life. God has given us principles to live by and those principles are found in the Holy Scriptures. We seek to apply the Word to our everyday lives.

We believe God speaks today. God illuminates the Word as well as speaking directly to the spirit of man. We believe that prophecy ministered in order is designed to edify God’s people.

We believe in the healing power of God. We continually pray for and experience God’s healing hand. We are witnesses of the manifestation of physical as well as emotional healing.

We believe that the resources of the world should be in the people of God’s hands; therefore, under direct Kingdom influence and control. We are learning to be tremendous stewards over God’s creation.

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