After praying for jobs and better job, I had 3 jobs offers. I am thankful to have options to choose for my new job!!

Shelby Craft

In service last week Pastor Ted ministered to me that stability was coming to my housing situation. I have been homeless for over a year and it has been very difficult, but just as the word said I have a new residence and I sign my lease tomorrow!


I have been looking for a new job for quite some time now. I also have been wanting to move back to Dayton to go to school there, so I recently applied for a job there just to see what would happen. I got a call back and went in for an interview, after the interview they said expect to hear back from them in 2-3 weeks. Well I heard back from them in 3 days and they offered me the job, and higher pay. I thank God for Jobs and better Jobs!!

Charisma Hawkins

Over a year ago I was diagnosed with occipital neuralgia which is a form of a migraine. It is a very excruciating pain! As I continued to attend
DCI and during the services prayers were spoken about healing and I received it In Jesus’s Name and my pain dissipated and most days I’m not in any pain!


I came to church one Sunday and I was in a lot of pain in my foot. After Pastor Ted prayed for me the pain went away and I was able to jump and praise God!! Supernatural healing is awesome!!!!

Sister Rosemary

Where do I begin…

#1. Pastor Ted spoke the word on how to get a promotion or a new job… I followed the steps he provided us and was upgrade two levels. It is so awesome because I was denied a position one level up nine times in over five years… Jobs and better jobs…

#2. Checks in the mail – I’ve been faithful in my tithes / offering and I end up getting an unbelievable deposit into my bank account.. I go to the bank the next day to have them get the money to the correct person and they said, “NO, IT BELONGS TO YOU”!!!! Checks in the mail, unexpected gifts… One week later another check in the mail… Thank you Lord

Ulique Campbell

I have been free from cigarettes for SIX YEARS! It is really awesome for me especially since I was addicted for over twenty-five years. Lord, thank you for helping me become free.

UlIque Campbell

Favor with creditors! Raises and bonuses! Another example of our declarations having impact on my life: I walk into the car lot due to automotive issues but walk out with a brand new car 2014. Not including just got a raise that we haven’t had in years. Thank you Jesus~

UlIque Campbell


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